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06 Feb 2023

EV Uptake Reaches New Highs as Tesla Deliveries Play Catch Up, BMW Trumps Mercedes

06 Feb 2023  by   

EV Uptake in Australia reached a new monthly high in January 2023, with EVs making up 5.7% of all vehicles sold nationwide. This has meant that Australia’s EV uptake has now surpassed 70,000 EVs and the momentum is building.

Today I explore some of what January’s data shows for our national EV uptake along with some winners that are making up that trend.

EV Uptake surpasses 72,500 vehicles

After what many may say has been a slightly slower start to Australia’s EV uptake, things are starting to ramp up.

January’s data showed just that with EVs making up 4,852 sales helping the entire EV fleet surpass 72,500 vehicles.

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