06 Feb 2023

Geothermal Source Tdiosb Established in Kayseri, Turkiye

06 Feb 2023  by   
Geothermal greenhouse view (source: Kayseri Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry)
A Geothermal Source Specialized Greenhouse Organized Industrial Zone based on Agriculture (TDIOSB) has been established in City of Kayseri in Central Anatolia, Turkiye.
We had previously reported the approval of the application of this Geothermal Source TDIOSB, which was jointly founded by the Kayseri Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Kocasinan Municipality, Kayseri Chamber of Industry, Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, and Kayseri Commodity Exchange.
Kayseri Commodity Exchange (KTB) President  Recep Bagmis said, “We established our Geothermal Source TDIOSB 2 weeks ago, where I was the representative of the Commodity Exchange. We formed our enterprising committee and our Deputy Governor Mr. Senol became the head of our delegation.”
After the establishment procedures, there is currently a grant of 185 million TL in our Ministry regarding infrastructure works. In our 2021 feasibility report, an average of 50 million TL was spent on infrastructure. In 2023, this expenditure requires an investment budget of 200 million TL related to infrastructure. If we can get the infrastructure fee for our region from the Ministry, we will quickly start the installation phase and work on the allocation of the lands,” Bagmis added.

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