03 Feb 2023

Bettercoal Launches South Africa Working Group

03 Feb 2023  by   

Bettercoal has announced the establishment of its South Africa Working Group – a member-led group focusing on coal in South Africa.

The group was formed due to increasing volumes of South African coal coming into Europe, and the needs of Bettercoal Members to ensure that there is due diligence monitoring in these changing coal supply chains. The group serves as a platform for Bettercoal to work with its members to better understand the context relevant to coal mining in South Africa.

Bettercoal has worked with its country working groups since 2018 to better understand country-specific challenges and foster better relationships with all stakeholders in key coal markets. For example, the Colombia Working Group has been active since 2018 and been engaging with a variety of stakeholders on prioritised issues.

The newly established South Africa Working Group is also a recognition of increasing Bettercoal activity in the country, with the South African producer Canyon Coal recently starting their Bettercoal assessment journey.


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