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03 Feb 2023

Show Support for a Lego Nuclear Power Plant

03 Feb 2023  by   
A creative fan of Lego—and nuclear power—has designed a nuclear power plant out of the famous building blocks and has submitted the idea to the Lego Group for possible production—but first, the idea needs the support of the public.
Click the button: Fans of the Lego nuclear power plant, which has 2,995 pieces, can visit the toymaker’s “ideas” page on their website, log in, and click on the “Support” button to cast a vote for the set. If 10,0000 people click, the project idea is submitted for expert review by the company. As of January 30, there were almost 2,000 positive clicks, with 181 days left to get more support. The next goal is to reach 5,000 supporters, which will give the idea an additional six months to hit the ultimate goal of 10,000 votes.
Description: In the description of the Lego plant, the design’s creator—who goes by the handle BasAtHome—writes, “This Lego supercritical water reactor can produce all the electricity you require for your Lego City citizens. The reactor uses nuclear fission to generate heat, which boils steam until it becomes supercritical. It then uses this steam to generate electricity for your Lego city. The reactor uses one cooling tower to provide cooling for the water used in the condensers. The reactor includes a spent fuel pool where you can store your used and unused fuel rods, a control room where your minifigures can control the reactor, a turbine building to generate the power and the reactor inside the reactor building itself.”
BasAtHome added, “I built this reactor since I think nuclear energy is a very fascinating technology.”


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