Thermal Power

24 Jan 2023

Masdar Plans 5 GW of Renewables in Angola, Zambia and Uganda

24 Jan 2023   
Masdar has signed agreements with three countries – Angola, Uganda and Zambia – to develop renewable energy projects with a combined capacity of up to 5 GW, including 2 GW in Angola, 2 GW in Zambia and 1 GW in Uganda. The agreements were signed under the umbrella of the Etihad 7 initiative, a UAE-led initiative that aims to raise public- and private-sector funds to invest in the development of Africa’s renewable energy sector.
The installed capacity in Angola totals 6.4 GW (end of 2021). Hydroelectricity represents 58% of the total capacity, including mainly Lauca (2 GW, fully commissioned in 2019), Cambambe I and II (880 MW), and Capanda (520 MW). The remaining capacity comprises thermal power generation units (23% oil-fired and 19% gas-fired). In Zambia as in Uganda, hydropower dominates the installed capacity (75% of the capacity in both countries).


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