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21 Jan 2023

ACEN’s 12-hour energy storage project gets government backing

21 Jan 2023  by   
The Phoenix Pumped Hydro Project received feasibility funding from New South Wales funding.
ACEN’s 12-hour duration renewable energy storage project is progressing after getting support from the New South Wales government. 
The Phoenix Pumped Hydro project was selected by EnergyCo and WaterNSW to receive feasibility funding to look at whether the long-duration energy storage can support the state’s energy security. 
In particular, EnergyCo provided a funding of AU$7m through its Pumped Hydro Recoverable Grants Program.
“Phoenix Pumped Hydro will be bidding for Long-Term Energy Services Agreements for long-duration storage under the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Safeguard,” Anton Rohner, CEO of ACEN Australia, said.
“Our focus is on ensuring that we develop a project that offers the right mix of benefits and opportunities for the region and the State of NSW. We’ll be calling for inputs from community and stakeholders soon to help shape the project.”
If found viable, the project will begin construction in 2025 and be operational before 2030.


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