06 Jan 2023

Egypt Opens State-Owned Land for Renewable, Green Hydrogen Development

06 Jan 2023  by   

In an effort to transform into a renewable energy hub, the Egyptian government has allocated sizable state-owned land for the development of green hydrogen and renewable energy.

During a recent meeting, Cabinet authorized the New and Renewable Energy Authority to offer land to potential investors for renewable energy development, including approximately 59,260 hectares in the Matrouh Governorate, as well as 303 additional hectares in the same area for green hydrogen and green ammonia production.

Meanwhile, land parcels in the Aswan and Sohag Governorates were made available for wind projects, of which Egypt holds roughly 1,640 MW of power generation potential, concentrated primarily in the Suez Gulf. The North African nation is home to high levels of solar irradiation, coupled with strong winds and large desert plains.

Last November, it was announced that Egypt would sign final agreements to construct two new wind and solar projects totaling 1,000 MW of installed generation capacity, with a view to deriving 42% of total power generation from renewables by 2030.


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