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06 Jan 2023

Solar-Plus-Storage Project With 200MWH Battery System Proposed in Spain

06 Jan 2023  by   

  A Madrid-headquartered developer has proposed a solar-plus-storage system in Spain with a 100MW/200MWh battery energy storage system (BESS).

  A request for environmental impact study, construction and grid connection for the project in Cuenca, Castilla La Mancha, has been submitted to relevant authorities by the firm – WIND GENERATION CASTILLA LA MANCHA, SL – according to the Spanish government’s state bulletin service.

  The project, called GECAMA HYBRID PLANT, would comprise 434,928 bifacial PV modules connected to a substation via 1,000 250kWac string inverters equating to a maxiumum power output of 250.08MWp and 250MWac.

  The BESS component would be made up of 80 battery containers and 20 power converters totalling 100MW of power and 200MWh of energy storage, a two-hour system.

  Both the solar and storage portions would be connected to a newly-built substation via 33kV interconnection lines, which would be managed by Generación Eólica Castilla la Mancha SL,

  The bulletin said the BESS would be used for the commercialisation of the generated energy. The plan is also to hybridise the solar and storage plant with the nearby GECAMA EÓLICO Park PV farm, which is being developed by developer Israeli Enlight Renewable Energy with a total power output of 300MW.

  Spain has had a target of 20GW of energy storage deployment by 2030, rising to 30GW by 2050, since 2019. See all coverage of the market here.


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