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04 Jan 2023

Investing In This Energy Stock Today Could Yield Huge Gains in 2023

04 Jan 2023  by   
The only two stocks I talked about over the last few months both jumped several hundred percent and the stock I’ve found today could eclipse those gains.
That company is: Vision Energy Corporation (ticker: VENG ) and its stock is taking off like a rocket.

Smart investors understand that there is an energy crisis in Europe right now and VENG is capitalizing on that.
Since Russian gas stopped flowing to the continent, European governments are struggling to keep the lights on and have begun investing heavily in domestic energy production.
VENG is building Hydrogen facilities in Europe, who’s in urgent need of energy independence.
VENG could not only make a fortune from producing this clean energy, but it could also get tons of carbon credits which it can sell, much like Tesla does.
For years, Tesla’s No1 revenue generator was the sale of its carbon credits. Car sales came in second.
Tesla earned billions of dollars from its carbon credits and it’s a fascinating business model which makes a lot of money.
Countries all around the world are rushing to build Hydrogen power plants. For example, the government of Kazakhstan announced an investment of $50 billion for new plants while the middle eastern country, Oman, committed $140 billion in the sector.
Following that, the European government announced the allocation of billions to support the construction of hydrogen energy in the European Union.
Imagine investing in Exxon back when John D. Rockefeller dug his first wells or buying shares of Apple as the first iPhone was being announced.
You’d have struck gold.
There is no question about it, hydrogen is about to disrupt the entire energy sector and those who miss out on it will be left behind.
Those willing to buy shares today and hold at least 12 months could see short-term profits of 200% and long-term gains potentially exceeding 450%.


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