04 Jan 2023

Binary Unit at San Jacinto Geothermal Project, Nicaragua Commences Operations

04 Jan 2023  by   
San Jacinto power plant (source: Ram Power)
Polaris Renewable Energy Inc. (Polaris) has announced the completion of construction, testing, and initial operation of a 10.4-MW (net) geothermal binary power plant at the San Jacinto geothermal project in Telica, Leon, Republic of Nicaragua. Plans for this expansion were first announced in early 2021.
Initial start-up, tests and deliveries of energy commenced on December 30th, 2022. Full capacity was achieved on December 31st, 2022. Certain standard commissioning tests will continue to be performed over the course of the next two weeks with technical Commercial Operation expected to be declared by local authorities within the month. However, as anticipated, any deliveries of electricity during the commissioning phase will be paid at the rate in the current Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) of $111.20 / Mwhr.
“The completion of the binary unit within the anticipated timeframe is a very important milestone for the Company. The addition of a binary unit to the San Jacinto project has always been contemplated since the commencement of the project more than a decade ago. It represents the culmination of efforts to renegotiate the PPA in 2020, execute a refinancing in 2021/22 and, most importantly, execute the project construction with our own staff in Nicaragua. To do this in what continues to be a challenging environment is noteworthy. We are confident that it will add significant value to the project for many years to come,” said Polaris CEO Mark Murnaghan.
Polaris Renewable Energy Inc., formerly, Polaris Infrastructure Inc., is a Canadian publicly traded company engaged in the acquisition, development, and operation of renewable energy projects in Latin America.

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