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15 Dec 2022

ACP Statement On Building American Energy Security Act of 2022

15 Dec 2022  by   

The American Clean Power Association (ACP) released the following statement from JC Sandberg, ACP Interim CEO and Chief Advocacy Officer in support of the Building American Energy Security Act of 2022:
“This permitting reform proposal would speed our country along the road to energy independence. Burdensome rules and regulations on energy generation and transmission are creating major obstacles to building clean energy projects that will significantly reduce our foreign dependence. Achieving energy security has been a convenient talking point for decades in Washington. This legislation allows us to strengthen our energy security while delivering the clean, abundant, and affordable power that Americans are demanding. Further, it will create more American jobs. Lawmakers should seize this opportunity to find bipartisan common ground to solve our toughest energy challenges.”
American Clean Power is the voice of the clean power industry that is?powering America’s future, providing cost-effective solutions to the climate crisis while creating jobs, spurring massive investment in the U.S.?economy?and driving high-tech innovation across the nation. We are uniting the power of America’s renewable energy industry to advance our shared goals and to transform the U.S. power grid to a low-cost, reliable and renewable power system.


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