22 Nov 2022

British Solar Tech Business Strikes Italian Distribution Deal

22 Nov 2022  by   
British solar thermal design and engineering company Naked Energy today announces their partnership with Italian energy service company X3Energy.

Image Credit: Naked Energy

An innovative addition to X3Energy’s green offering, the company will distribute Naked Energy’s cutting-edge solar thermal and photovoltaic thermal (PVT) products across Northern Italy. The consulting-led energy service company offers a wide range of products to aid customers with energy efficiency, who are now able to take advantage of industry leading solar thermal.

Naked Energy’s Virtu range will help to future-proof the energy needs of Italy’s manufacturing sector. Hotels, food and beverage producers and the textile industry will also benefit, with the offering granting them access to cleaner, more efficient energy - in particular the provision of low cost, low carbon heat for manufacturing and other thermal processes.

The deal is set to further strengthen the British company’s position in the Italian market, having manufactured their Virtu technology in Italy since 2018 with industry leaders Jabil.

The partnership will also support Italy to achieve their ambitious renewable energy targets. The country is aiming to reach 30% of total energy consumption and 55% of electricity generation from renewable sources - such as solar thermal - by 2030.

Naked Energy’s VirtuPVT collector combines solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal technology to generate both electricity and heat from a single collector. Their unique modular design makes them the world’s highest energy density solar technology.

The VirtuHOT collector, which generates solar heat, recently received the gold standard TÜV international certification. Both technologies are proving instrumental to the decarbonisation of heat and will provide X3Energy customers with clean and efficient energy.

Christophe Williams, CEO and co-founder at Naked Energy, said: “Italy is entering a crucial stage of its move to renewable energy and heat generation. We are proud to announce this partnership with X3Energy who provide services to Italy’s superb manufacturing industries, incredible food producers and high quality hotels and leisure facilities.

“A company known for the quality of their energy services, X3Energy shares our ambition to rapidly decarbonise the country’s heat demand. We’re looking forward to working with such a forward thinking business.”

Giovanni Baroni, CEO and founder of X3Energy, said: “We’re excited to add Naked Energy’s cutting-edge solar thermal products to our roster of clean technology. As Italy begins to scale up its green energy efforts, it’s crucial that we recognise the importance of decarbonising heat. Being able to offer businesses Virtu is a huge step in the right direction.

“We’re committed to making future heating systems cleaner and more efficient with our integrated offering, and helping businesses across the country decarbonise their heat.”


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