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16 Nov 2022

Giant Batteries to Be Built in Scotland

16 Nov 2022  by   

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Electric vehicle fleet and energy storage company Zenobē has unveiled a plan to invest £750 million in battery projects in Scotland.

The batteries are predicted to save up to 13.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over their 15 years of operation.

They are also forecast to lower consumer bills by more than £1 billion by reducing the curtailment of wind farms over the same period.

The new projects will be used to provide stability services to National Grid Electricity System Operations (NGESO) to boost the renewable power system.

It is believed that the battery storage projects are the first commercial contracts in the world to use transmission-connected batteries to provide short-circuit level and inertia, essential for the grid to function efficiently.

Julian Leslie, Head of Networks at National Grid ESO, commented: “NGESO is working hard to enable the UK to have a carbon free power network. Working with the industry we have developed contracts that accelerate the rapid uptake of renewable power.

“These contracts are part of the solution that will enable NGESO to have the ability to operate a zero carbon system in 2025.”

James Basden, Co-founder and Director of Zenobē, said: “At a time of increasing energy prices and the need for greater energy security, this is the type of investment which the UK needs now to drive growth, and which will enable both the country and Zenobē to become leaders in delivering the energy transition.”


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