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28 Oct 2022

E.ON to Reduce Buildings’ Energy Consumption by 20% As Winter Approaches

28 Oct 2022  by   
German electric utility company E.ON has announced efforts to reduce its energy consumption, which are expected to reduce energy use from its buildings by at least 20% as Germany faces the prospects of energy insecurity this Winter.

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The utility has stated that the current situation in the country means that during the upcoming Winter, every kilowatt hour will count to reduce electricity and gas consumption.

Across all locations in Germany, E.ON will operate all non-essential light sources such as logos and outdoor lighting on a limited basis or switch them off completely.

The room temperature will be reduced to 19 degrees Celcius and hot water will be switched off wherever possible.

A particularly effective measure is to shut down entire parts of the building and only heat them in a way that the building and infrastructure are not damaged. As such, staff of different departments have already moved together at the beginning of October or will do so shortly. This applies to the entire heating period until mid-April.

These measures are intended to achieve energy savings of 25% at the Essen site in the company headquarters.

Prior to the developments in the country, which is facing an extreme gas shortage due to the events surrounding the Nordstream pipeline, E.ON had planned to operate its buildings in a climate-neutral way by 2030.

To achieve this, the company has stated how it is already making the energy and heat supply at its sites as efficient as possible, using smart technologies and optimising building technology.


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