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17 Oct 2022

Iberdrola’s Information Campaign to Spur 11mn Customers to Reduce Energy Use

17 Oct 2022  by   
Through intelligent algorithms, the Spanish utility will produce 90 million communications with personalised advice for an information campaign to help households reduce energy consumption and save on bills.

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Iberdrola launched the information campaign to help its customers reduce their energy consumption while maintaining comfort in their homes.

Through this campaign, the company expects to send a total of 90 million communications with personalised savings advice to its more than 11 million electricity and gas customers in Spain during the autumn and winter months, when energy consumption is higher due to lower temperatures.

Iberdrola has already disseminated six million communications and has found that customers who have received these notifications have reduced their consumption by around 5% compared to the same period last year.

The company is able to make customised recommendations thanks to an intelligent algorithm that estimates the energy expenditure of household appliances, heating and lighting. It compares such use with that of other households with similar characteristics, enabling inefficient usage habits to be detected.

Customers then receive individualised information, covering aspects such as:

• Cost to bill
• Deviation from the average
• An estimate of the savings that can be obtained by following Iberdrola’s efficiency advice

Most of the communications will be sent via Iberdrola’s free App, as 60% of its customers are digital. However, the company will also disseminate these tips by email and on paper bills to ensure that they are accessible to all.

Iberdrola has also created a specific website with 50 practical tips to reduce consumption and will disseminate with messages across media, which, in digital and print, will be accompanied by a QR code with direct access to this website.

With this initiative, the company has also stated how they are seeking to raise awareness in society that the best energy for customers is that which is not consumed, especially in light of high energy prices across the country.


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