09 Oct 2022

Turkiye’s Cheapest Tomato Is Produced with Geothermal Energy

09 Oct 2022  by   
In Erzurum, one of Turkiye’s coldest provinces, the country’s cheapest cluster tomatoes are produced with geothermal energy.

Ilica Tomato (source: Aziziye Bld. official website)

Ilica Tomato, produced by Erzurum, Aziziye Municipality in geothermal supported greenhouses, has taken its place on the shelves .

Even in the coldest winter days, tomatoes are produced in the geothermal supported greenhouses established by Aziziye Municipality. Within the framework of the protocol signed with the Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, the Ilica tomato, which was offered for sale at 8.90 liras (approx. 0.50 USD) per kilo, is currently the cheapest cluster tomato in Turkey.

The shipment of Ilica tomatoes, produced with the slogan “From the Branch to the Table”, continues uninterruptedly. Aziziye Mayor Muhammed Cevdet Orhan said, “Ilica tomato reaches the tables with the title of being not only the most delicious tomato in Turkiye, but also the cheapest tomato in clusters.”

Bekir Parlak, Erzurum Regional Manager of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, said that it is a great privilege for them to be marketing Ilica Tomatoes. Stating that the marketing process is carried out without any intermediaries in accordance with the protocol signed with Aziziye Municipality, Parlak said, “Our Aziziye Municipality will produce and we will sell it within the framework of our protocol.”


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