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30 Sep 2022

Uplight Releases Grid-Minded EV Software Suite with AMI Analytics

30 Sep 2022  by   
A new software suite has been released with the aim of driving EV adoption through a grid-minded charging solution for electric utilities. The suite consists of multiple models, one of which uses Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) analytics to coordinate demand response and peak shift modelling.
Uplight EV software suite
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The suite comes courtesy of clean energy tech developer Uplight, which announced the launch of the EV Solution Suite, an end-to-end set of software solutions for utilities, aiming to drive customer adoption and grid-friendly charging solutions.

According to the company, the configurable solution is hoped to help utilities engage and activate their customers, manage rate programs and coordinate load increases.

“Nothing will impact grid demand and resiliency in the near future more than EVs,” stated Justin Segall, chief strategy officer of Uplight. “By acting comprehensively today, utilities can better enable the coming EV boom by helping customers become an asset to the grid, reduce carbon and save money.”

Models within the solution suite include:

• EV detection through AMI analytics: Delivers information on historic usage, demand and cost data, peer comparisons and peak shift modelling.
Managed Charging: Enables customer program designs with EV chargers and vehicle telematics.

• EV charging and vehicle telematics collection: Aims to standardise data to turn EV charging behaviour into actionable insights for utility programs and infrastructure

• Marketplace: Uplight Marketplace applies point of purchase rebates to the sale of the charger.

• EV propensity modelling: Coordinates marketing through customer segmentation.

Uplight cites their research, which they claim finds that a minor 36% of customers who purchase an EV are likely to contact their utility beforehand, requiring utilities to use tools and channels to ensure customers are aware of their programme offerings.

The company also states how research from the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and Guidehouse finds there will be more than 20 million EVs on the road in 2030, up from 1.6 million in 2021, and they will account for an annual energy consumption of 93TWh in the US.


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