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30 Sep 2022

Fourth Gas Leak at Nord Stream Found

30 Sep 2022  by   

Image: Swedish Coast Guard

A fourth leak has been detected on the Nord Stream pipelines in Swedish waters, according to the country’s Coast Guard.

Three more had previously been identified in Denmark and Sweden – the first explosion was recorded by seismologists on Monday southeast of the Danish island of Bornholm.

The Swedish Coast Guard said: “There are currently two gas leaks in Swedish waters, a larger leak above North Stream 1 and a smaller leak above North Stream 2. Two leaks have also been reported in Danish waters.

“The distance between the two leaks in Swedish waters is 1.8 kilometres.”

The gas pipelines run through the Baltic Sea transporting gas from Russia to Germany.

In response to the reported gas leaks, officials from several European countries suggested that these incidents were the result of deliberate actions.

The US Navy has confirmed it stands ready to provide any support needed concerning the incidents.

The US Secretary of Defence said: “I called the Danish Minister of Defence about the Nord Stream pipeline explosions.

“I offered my full support to Denmark and reaffirmed the US commitment to Baltic Sea security. We will continue working closely as this situation develops.”


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