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28 Sep 2022

Renewable Energy Employment Reaches 12.7 Million in 2021

28 Sep 2022  by   
Global employment in the renewable energy sector reached 12.7 million in 2021, increasing by 700,000 thousand compared to the previous year, with Asia accounting for almost two-thirds of the total workforce.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

In a statement, the Internationa Renewable Energy Association (IRENA) said market dynamics were the major factors that influenced employment generation, along with labour and other costs, amidst the lingering effects of the pandemic and the energy crisis, citing the Renewable Energy and Jobs: Annual Review 2022 report.

The report, in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation, found that almost two-thirds of the jobs renewable energy-related jobs are in Asia, with China accounting for 42% of the total, followed by the EU, and Brazil with 10% each, and the US and India with 7% each.

“In the face of numerous challenges, renewable energy jobs remain resilient, and have been proven to be a reliable job creation engine. My advice to governments around the world is to pursue industrial policies that encourage the expansion of decent renewables jobs at home,” IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera said.

“Spurring a domestic value chain will not only create business opportunities and new jobs for people and local communities. It also bolsters supply chain reliability and contributes to more energy security overall,” he added.

The report also found that solar energy provided 4.3 million jobs last year, accounting for over a third of the global renewable workforce, making it the fastest-growing sector.

Jobs in wind power reached 1.3 million, whilst jobs in hydropower and biofuels were at 2.4 million each


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