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27 Sep 2022

Over 100 Wind Firms Call For ‘Dramatic Action’ to Scale up Re Transition

27 Sep 2022  by   

Source: PexelsA total of 108 wind energy companies and associations, representing 81% of installed wind energy globally, has called on Paris signatories to take “dramatic action” to scale up wind and renewable energy.

"COP27 presents an opportunity for policymakers to come together to deal with these twin crises. The opportunity to draw a line under the unstable and unsecure fossil fuel era is there waiting to be seized by leaders around the world,” Ben Backwell, Global Wind Energy Council CEO, said.

“It is time the world welcomed in the renewables era bringing clean energy and clean jobs with it."

Citing data from the International Energy Agency, GlobalData said wind energy installations need to quadruple by 2030 to around 390 gigawatts (GW) annually.

Moreover, the GWEC also outlined actions that governments need to take to achieve clean energy targets.

This includes streamlining planning and permitting schemes for grid scale renewables projects, and rapidly building out vital grid infrastructure for integration of clean energy and cross-sector decarbonisation.

It also covers evolving power markets to both incentivise investment in renewable generation and allowing citizens to benefit from affordable, secure generation provided.


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