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14 Sep 2022

Quantum Computing to Advance Electric Vehicle Mobility

14 Sep 2022  by   
Quantum computing specialist Multiverse Computing is participating in a Renault-led electric and connected vehicle consortium in Spain.

Image: Multiverse Computing

The project, which has been awarded funding from the Spanish government’s Electric and Connected Vehicle Development component of its recovery initiatives, has a focus on the decarbonisation of mobility through the use of hydrogen, batteries and other new materials.

Other areas of interest are the sector’s digital transformation, including cybersecurity and connectivity, and mobility.

Multiverse Computing’s role is to contribute to the effort by creating new quantum-based algorithms to better support new testing platforms and other operations in electric, connected and autonomous cars.

Rodrigo Hernández, Director of Verticals and Strategic Alliances at Multiverse Computing, commented that this project led by Renault proves the relevance of quantum computing in the electric vehicle industry.

“With this consortium, our technology will be provided to the most competitive OEMs in the European electric vehicle market,” he said.

In addition to Multiverse Computing, the industrial consortium led by Renault is composed of companies specialising in the fields of technology, clean energy, the circular economy, automotive manufacturing, components and batteries, new materials and algorithms, as well universities and technology centres.

The Electric and Connected Vehicle Development plan is one of eleven such initiatives introduced under the title of ‘Strategic projects for recovery and economic transformation’ (PERTE) following COVID-19 with funding from the European Union.

The PERTE VEC has the goal of creating the ecosystem for the development and manufacture of EVs in Spain, including registering 250,000 new EVs by 2023, as part of the country’s broader energy transition.

It envisages an investment in the country of over €24 billion ($24.3 billion) in the period 2021-2023, including a public sector contribution of €4.3 billion ($4.36 billion).

Spain is the second biggest automaker in Europe and the ninth largest in the world.


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