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13 Sep 2022

Around 13 Million Workers to Join Energy Sector by 2030: IEA

13 Sep 2022  by   
An estimated additional 13 million workers will be employed in clean energy and related sectors if all climate pledges are met by 2030 as markets shift towards renewable energy.

In a report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said the number could double if the net-zero emissions by 2050 scenario is fulfilled.

“In both scenarios, job growth more than offsets a decline in traditional fossil fuel supply sectors,” the report read.

“Many of the jobs lost are not necessarily where new jobs are created. Skill sets are also not automatically transferable, and new skills are needed. This is true both within countries and internationally,” the agency added.

The IEA noted that countries need to have proper planning of support measures such as training and education programmes to address the employment effects of the energy transition.

Some countries are aiming to reinforce the strengths of the fossil fuel sector to support emerging areas like offshore wind, carbon capture utilisation storage, geothermal, and hydrogen.

As heightened competition is expected for clean energy supply chains and related jobs, some markets are planning to establish their local counterparts and invest in low-carbon technologies like advanced batteries and low-carbon fuels.

“Favouring domestic manufacturing capacity can lead to more secure supply chains, but can also drive up clean energy technology costs if it poses barriers to trade and reduces economies of scale,” it added.


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