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08 Sep 2022

BSES Looks to AI for Efficiency Improvements in Delhi

08 Sep 2022  by   
Delhi distribution company BSES Rajdhani Power is partnering with US solution provider Bidgely to drive enhanced operational efficiencies.

Image: BSES

Under an MOU, the two companies will collaborate in developing and implementing AI-based solutions based on Bidgely’s proprietary AI-powered technology to address efficiencies in four key areas.

These are technical and commercial loss reduction, particularly power theft, optimised load forecasting, the detection and profiling of electric vehicles (EVs) and rooftop solar for network planning and load shifting incentive design, and energy efficiency through customised energy saving insights for customers.

Initially, the solutions will be implemented in BSES Rajdhani Power’s south and west Delhi service areas.

Depending on the results, the programme may also be rolled out with sister discom BSES Yamuna Power in east and central Delhi.

“This association brings together two leaders in their respective domains and the resulting synergies are expected to benefit consumers in a more meaningful way, as also provide us insights to deal with emerging challenges as well as capitalise on opportunities,” a company spokesperson stated of the partnership.

“BSES is committed to energy efficiency, adoption of green technologies and smart power procurement initiatives that will result in optimised solutions for us and our consumers,”

BSES is a joint venture of Reliance Infrastructure and the government of Delhi.

In a statement BSES reports that while its losses have been reduced to about 7%, power theft remains a concern and Bidgely’s algorithms should provide precise lead generation in the relevant areas.

As part of the load forecasting optimisation, Bidgely will develop and implement a day ahead AI and machine learning algorithm-based forecasting solution using historical time series demand data, weather and network related inputs.

With profiling, BSES anticipates targeting consumers to encourage the adoption of EVs and rooftop solar, as well as being able to design incentivised demand side management programmes.

Gautam Aggarwal, Bidgely’s Chief Revenue Officer, adds that with much of the company’s workforce, including data scientists and research and development teams, in India, “we have deep knowledge not only of BSES’s most pressing challenges but also the most effective ways to overcome them.”


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