23 Aug 2022

US Launches $28M Hydropower Research and Development Programme

23 Aug 2022  by   

Image: Shutterstock

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has launched a $28 million (£23.7m) programme to support research, development and deployment of hydropower.

It will back new technologies that enable the growth of hydropower, including pumped storage hydropower, which the DOE believes can play a key role in integrating variable renewable energy sources on the grid.

Funding opportunities will support testing of innovative technologies, development approaches or construction techniques to reduce time, cost or risks associated with hydropower and pumped storage hydropower development.

In addition, the DOE will support studies to further the development and deployment of a permitted pumped storage hydropower project and seek stakeholder insights to inform hydropower research.

Statistics from the DOE suggest hydropower currently accounts for around 6.3% of total US electricity generation while pumped storage hydropower accounts for 93% of US utility-scale energy storage.

Its report found US hydropower capacity could expand by nearly 50% by 2050.

Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said: “For over a century, hydropower has provided clean, cheap and reliable energy to American households and businesses.

“Funding from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will ensure that hydropower continues to play as big a role in our clean energy future has it has in our past.”


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