04 Aug 2022

CGG Licenses Geothermal Studies

04 Aug 2022  by   
After launching its Geothermal Resource Assessment and Lithium Brine Screening multi-client studies in March, CGG has licensed both new studies in its Earth Data library to an energy company in the US.

CGG’s Geothermal Resource Assessment study harmonizes an expansive geothermal gradient dataset alongside thermo-tectonic, seismicity and power plant data (image courtesy of CGG).

The two studies, backed by industry prefunding before this license, provide accurate and unique independent tools to discover, assess, and compare geothermal resource and lithium brine opportunities and the scale of their potential. They are the latest additions to CGG’s new suite of science-based GeoVerseTM modules specifically designed to support the energy transition.

Dechun Lin, EVP, Earth Data, CGG, said: “We are delighted to receive such an early and significant endorsement of our new expert-driven, data-rich screening studies that leverage our data integration capabilities and geoscience expertise to address the challenges in areas such as critical mineral exploration, carbon and energy storage, and geothermal energy. CGG is very committed and well positioned to support the evaluation of global geothermal potential through these exciting energy transition products.”


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