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25 Jul 2022

Brillouin Energy Demonstrates High-Tech Boiler That Can Pave the Way to a Clean Energy Future

25 Jul 2022  by   
Brillouin Energy Corp, whose mission is to create the "New Era of Energy" to address energy security and climate change, will demonstrate publicly for the first time at ICCF24 a revolutionary new high-tech boiler system that can help the world transition from fossil fuel energy to a non-carbon, completely pollution-free and sustainable energy with vast environmental benefits for both the planet and humanity.


​​​​​​​The device known as the HYDROGEN HOT TUBE (HHT) BOILER SYSTEM has been in development for the past dozen years by Brillouin Energy, led by its Founding Inventor and Chief Technology Officer Robert Godes. The HHT boiler system uses ordinary hydrogen to produce scalable heat on demand at an exceedingly low cost, without any emissions or other pollutants.

At its current stage, the HHT is immediately applicable to dramatically lowering the cost of, and reducing the carbon footprint of, hot water boilers and hydronic (radiant) heaters on both a residential and commercial scale. With further development, this system can also power improved HVAC systems, and ultimately provide a dramatic breakthrough in generating electric power on a decentralized, pollution-free basis at the point of demand.

Robert Godes along with other Brillouin Energy scientists, engineers and business executives will be discussing and educating visitors on their advanced scientific research and development of the company's "Controlled Electron Capture Reaction" (CECR) technology, which generates heat from what is commonly thought of as a cold fusion process. The Brillouin team will be demonstrating the operation of its HHT boiler system to power a Stirling Engine at the ICCF24 event.

SRI International, an American nonprofit research institute known for its rigorous research and history of creating world-changing products, technologies and industries, conducted independent research and analysis of the company's technology. SRI independently validated the technology and heat output of the HHT boiler system over six years of testing via a Technology Research Agreement with Brillouin Energy. Other PhD experts have since further independently validated definitive scientific evidence of controlled, repeatable CECR Heat generated from Brillouin's HHT devices.

"This technology has been independently tested or validated by several of the world's leading nuclear physicists and laboratories and is ready now to enter into the next phase: commercialization," said David Firshein, CFO of Brillouin Energy. "The HHT test system that we are demonstrating at ICCF24 is the first ever licensable system that is transportable—it can be packed up and shipped to potential OEM License Partners for further testing and evaluation. This is a crucial step toward solving today's massive challenges of energy security and climate change."


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