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19 Jul 2022

Worley to Digitise Shell Gulf of Mexico Assets

19 Jul 2022  by   
Australian engineering heavyweight Worley has been awarded a three-year contract with Shell to digitise the UK supermajor's Gulf of Mexico assets.

This aligns with Shell's work to further reduce the carbon intensity of its GOM production, which is already among the lowest greenhouse gas intensive in the world, noted Worley.

The company will provide engineering and procurement services, and support fabrication and construction primarily for five of Shell’s eight offshore oil and gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico deepwater basin: Appomattox, Perdido, Stones, Auger and Enchilada-Salsa.

The contract workscope also allows for further support of Shell's Whale deep-water development, for Which Worley is performing engineering and procurement services works; and it also contemplates larger tendered scopes on the operator's other deep-water assets.

Worley will focus on simplifying and digitising the assets via various scopes ranging from subsea tie-back topsides modifications and large modular waterflood installations to asset-equipment upgrades and integrity modifications.

“We’ve worked with Shell for over 30 years. And our ongoing partnership is a real opportunity to create a positive impact on the offshore operations and the communities in the Gulf of Mexico at a time when making sustainable transformation a reality is more important than ever,” said Jim Lenton, Worley senior vice president.

The work intends to improve safety, productivity, sustainability and operating costs. Through simplification and efficiency upgrades, the associated greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be reduced.

“This project is a great example of how we help our customers optimise the efficiency of their assets on the one hand, while supporting decarbonisation initiatives on the other,” Lenton said.

The Gulf of Mexico deepwater basin is already touted as a low-carbon intensive region, due in part to the production process. Worley will use its Worley Sustainable Solutions processes as part of this contract.


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