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16 Jul 2022

Renault and Vitesco Look into Electric and Hybrid Powertrains

16 Jul 2022  by   
Renault Group has announced a partnership with Vitesco Technologies, an international manufacturer of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions for the joint development and production of power electronics in a ‘One Box’ for electric and hybrid powertrains.

Renault and Vitesco will define the products and assembly processes of this ‘One Box’ by integrating the latest technologies to ensure the best level of competitiveness in terms of performance and cost.

The goal is a key electronic unit that combines all components in one housing: the DC-DC converter, the on-board charger OBC and the inverter.

The One Box concept is also hoped to enable gain in compactness (-45% in volume) and mass for the development of Renault’s future vehicles. The configurations and assembly of the various basic components will be adapted to the types of electric and hybrid powertrains. The development platform teams will be mostly based in Toulouse.

The development of this ‘One Box’ is planned to equip electric and hybrid vehicles in Renault’s high-voltage core range from 2026 onwards, with the objective for the group to eventually assemble this product in its industrial sites in France for 100% electric vehicles.

With this new partnership, Renault Group is extending its control over the electrical value chain by integrating this unique power electronics “all-in-one” system, co-developed in-house.

Renault Group will at the same time provide Vitesco Technologies with a multi-year contract for the power electronics of Renault’s hybrid vehicles. In addition, Vitesco Technologies will supply to the Renault Group a ‘High Voltage Box’, which combines the DC/DC converter and charger, for battery electric vehicles as of 2025.


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