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06 Jun 2022

Fuels of the Future

06 Jun 2022   
Time 2023-01-23 - 2023-01-24
Place Berlin, Germany
Industry Energy&Power  
Tel +49 (0) 30 2758179-284
Email [email protected]

The International Conference "Fuels of the Future“ is the leading event of the European biofuels industry and at the same time an important discussion forum for the German, European and international development of renewable mobility. In January 2023, once again more than 600 international participants are expected, including representatives from the biofuels, petroleum and automotive industries, the chemical industry, the transport and logistics industry, the transport and logistics sector, certification systems, politics, science and research.

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For this purpose, the conference offers you a compact programme with lectures on current industry developments, on the economic and legal framework conditions for renewable fuels, raw materials, technological developments and sales potential in international markets.


• Policy frameworks for biofuels, renewable fuels and renewable propulsion systems at international, European and national level

• Prospects for established biofuels on the market (Biodiesel, Bioethanol)

• Second and third generation renewable fuels

• Biomethane in the transport sector

• Biofuels from waste and residual materials

• Biofuels in shipping, aviation and heavy freight

• Sustainability certification of biofuels in the context of globally expanding markets

• Power-to-X fuels, hydrogen from biomass and renewable energy energies and latest developments in market access

• Current developments in international biofuel trade

• Electromobility in the context of the hybridisation of drives with defossilised fuels

• Innovative sustainable mobility concepts in municipalities

• Biofuels and feedstocks in the context of agricultural trade and markets

• R&D projects for biofuels and renewable fuels

• Climate protection potentials through the use of biofuels in agriculture and forestry


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