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01 Jun 2022

Danish Offshore Wind Giant Rejects Demand for Payments in Roubles

01 Jun 2022  by   

Image: Ørsted

Danish-based Ørsted has said Gazprom Export continues to demand the company pays for gas in roubles.

The energy giant said: “We have no legal obligation under the contract to do so and we have repeatedly informed Gazprom Export that we will not do so.”

The company explained the deadline for the payment was today and that it would continue to pay in euros.

It added: “Therefore, there is a risk that Gazprom Export will stop supplying gas to Ørsted. In Ørsted’s view, this will be a breach of contract.”

Ørsted said: “Since there is no gas pipeline going directly from Russia to Denmark, Russia will not be able to directly cut off the gas supplies to Denmark and it will thus still be possible for Denmark to get gas.

“However, this means that the gas for Denmark must, to a larger extent, be purchased on the European gas market. We expect this to be possible.”

In March, the energy firm explained the reasons it could not put an end to its gas contract with Russia’s Gazprom Export.


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