27 May 2022

Geothermal Greenhouse to Be Installed in Agri, Turkey

27 May 2022  by   
According to the news reported by a local newspaper, the infrastructure construction protocol has been signed for the first phase of a geothermal greenhouse project in the Diyadin district of Agri, Turkey.

With the ceremony held in the meeting hall of the Governorship of Agri, the protocol “Diyadin Agriculture Based Specialized Organized Industrial Zone Infrastructure Construction Work” was signed. The protocol signed under the chairmanship of Governor Osman Varol includes 260 decares, which is the first stage of the project.

The governor stated that greenhouses were built on 40 decares of land and production was carried out in order to use the geothermal resources in Diyadin district in agriculture, and said: “As a result of our work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the infrastructure tender was held. Today, as the organized industry management, we signed our contracts with the contractor company. Hopefully, soon we will start our work on the delivery of the workplace. We will also have a nice foundation ceremony. This project is very important for our city because we are talking about an area of ??1300 decares. There will be a total of 1000 decares of greenhouse parcels within 1300 decares.”

“Approximately 1200 people will be directly employed in the 1000-decare greenhouse. With the employment figures in the sub-sectors, we think that a total of 2,500 people will eat bread from here and it will bring very serious gains to the economy of our province. This project is a visionary project that will change the fate of Agri. Good luck to our pain.”

Governor Osman Varol, Secretary-General of the Special Provincial Administration Erhan Tenekeci and the officials of the contractor company are signed in the protocol, where the infrastructure construction work of the first phase of the project was signed.


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