25 May 2022

New Geothermal Research Alliance Established in Greece

25 May 2022  by   

Akropolis in Athens, Greece (source: flickr/ Falco Ermert, creative commons)

Greece's largest research center and a Greek oil and gas services firm agree to collaborate on researching geothermal energy aspects in Greece.

The Institute of Geoenergy of the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH), the largest research center of Greece, and Greek integrated oil, gas and underground energy resources services firm Geotech Georesources Technology SA have announced a collaboration.

The two sides recently signed the relevant bilateral agreement for a period of 5 years, which stipulates that their cooperation will be developed in areas of common research interest, focusing on geothermal energy.

More specifically, the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two sides establishes an effective scientific communication channel that will promote research on key geological features, evaluation and modeling of geothermal fields, including conceptual, static and dynamic modelling.

An additional area of ??cooperation is the modelling of fluid flow in geothermal wells, as well as the study of geothermal energy production networks.

Finally, the two sides are interested in launching joint research efforts on similar studies in oil, gas and CO2 storage.


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