21 May 2022

Poland Government Creates Geothermal Development Roadmap

21 May 2022  by   
The Ministry of Climate and Environment of the Republic of Poland has developed the “Multiannual Program for the Development of the Use of Geothermal Resources.” This is basically a roadmap for the development of geothermal energy in the country until 2040, with a perspective until 2050. The document can be viewed here.

Poland geothermal development roadmap (source: Republic of Poland)

The document contains actions plans to minimize investment risk, including proposed legislative changes, for the development of shallow, low, medium, and high-temperature geothermal energy. Other potential uses of geothermal, such as energy storage, are also considered.

The roadmap is founded on three basic pillars – research, execution and implementation of pilot installations, and education and promotion. The following activities were mentioned in the road map:

• Support for the operation and development of the Technological Heat Pump HUB (HTPC) in Miekinia and programs such as “Moje Cieplo.”

• Support for low and medium-temperature geothermal energy through the “Providing geothermal waters in Poland” program. A special purpose vehicle “Geotermia Polska” was established to implement the investment. A complementary area is high-temperature geothermal energy, the development of which requires research and construction of demonstration installations in the field of binary systems as well as HDR and EGS systems;

• The development of waste heat management installations from cogeneration systems for generating electricity and heat will be explored, as well as installations for heat management in rivers, artificial and natural water reservoirs, which require research and construction of pilot installations;

• The possibility of using deep bore heat exchangers (GOWC) in existing boreholes will be explored;

• Research will be done on development of heat / energy storage in the rock mass;

• Development of an insurance program against investment risk in geothermal projects to support the development of geothermal energy in Poland;

• Addressing of legal solutions in all of the above-mentioned areas and conducting promotional and educational activities.

The Ministry estimates that implementing the program until 2050 will cost over PLN 49 billion (approx. USD 11 billion). In a report we posted last week, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management announced funding of PLN 480 million for the “Providing access to thermal waters in Poland” that will subsidize Polish municipalities for geothermal development.


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