12 May 2022

Egypt Starts Project on Geothermal Capacity Building

12 May 2022  by   

Skyline view over Cairo, Egypt (source: flickr/ Nina R, creative commons)

Fourteen Egyptian and international entities have come together for the Egypt Geothermal Capacity Building Project which aims to execute projects in cooperation between the government and private sector to help build the capacity of geothermal energy in Egypt.

Among the participating entities are the New and Renewable Energy Authority, Suez Canal University, Cairo University, Aswan University, Egyptian-Japanese University, Bologna University, Bunyan Company, and Ecoforest.

Two of the major objectives of the project is to create a concept for the exploitation of geothermal in Egypt, and the implementation of a post-graduate diploma in geothermal energy engineering in Egypt. The curriculum for the post-graduate course will be based on European standards and will help produce qualified graduates for geothermal energy investigation, systems design, and project management.

In addition to the pioneering course in geothermal, there are also plans to establish integrated geothermal laboratories in the higher education institutions that are participating in the project.

There have not been many recent developments in the field of geothermal in Egypt. In 2021, we reported on a partnership between Egypt and Sudan that aimed to collect seismic data for detailed maps of geothermal resources.


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