10 May 2022

Hydrogen Systems Announces the Establishment of their New Hydrogen Center of Excellence

10 May 2022  by   

Hydrogen Systems has announced the establishment of their new Hydrogen Energy Center of Excellence located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Hydrogen Energy Center of Excellence focuses on technology transfer and advanced manufacturing of solutions for use in The Kingdom and the broader region that supports the many decarbonization initiatives brought forward by both government and private organizations to aid in the reduction of greenhouse gases. The Center partners and collaborates with international organizations looking to develop solutions for the rapidly growing hydrogen energy market in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East Region.

“This is a great step forward for meaningful, local content for hydrogen solutions to support the growing hydrogen economy in Saudi Arabia and the region,” said Sattam Alsuwailem, CEO of Hydrogen Systems. “Hydrogen Systems has partnerships with industry-leading global organizations who look forward to collaborating with The Center.”

The hydrogen-based solutions currently under development by The Center include transportable hydrogen generation and fueling systems that are critical to the energy transition underway in the region. Hydrogen generation technologies based on water electrolysis, as well as hydrogen generation from natural gas and methanol with carbon capture/conversion are also being evaluated. Additionally, The Center will develop and manufacture compression, storage, and delivery systems based on proven advanced designs to support the growing need for hydrogen and decarbonization solutions in the region.

“We have a long relationship with Hydrogen Systems and installed over 50 hydrogen plants in the region,” said Ray Schmid, VP of Sales and Marketing for Nel Hydrogen. “Hydrogen Systems has designed and put into production transportable hydrogen generation plants utilizing NEL PEM technology electrolyzers. We look forward to developing new hydrogen generation solutions utilizing Nel PEM and alkaline technologies to contribute to the goals of The Center and the region.”


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