09 May 2022

Good Opportunities for a Greater Role of Geothermal in Greece

09 May 2022  by   
Earlier this year, the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy approved the terms of the lease of the rights of research, management and exploitation of geothermal potential in Greece, as we reported in March 2022. This – so a recent article from Greece – should be the way to open up geothermal development and utilization in Greece. There are some areas in Greece that are characterized by rich potential and with prospects of utilization to the maximum degree, either for the production of electricity or for the supply of heating.

Akropolis in Athens, Greece (source: flickr/ Falco Ermert, creative commons)

Power generation

According to Mr. Dimitrios Mendrinos, Mining Engineer – Metallurgist and collaborator of the Geothermal Department of CRES , there are some areas in Greece such as Milos, Kimolos, Santorini, Methana, Lesvos, and Nisyros that could be ”Unit of electricity generation and in fact with great power.

The resource potential in some areas is able to support the construction of power generation capacities from 40 to 150 MW. The expected capacity is dependent on the depth of the deposit, the quality and the characteristics of the fluids. The better these characteristics are the better are the economics. Germany is used as example of the opportunities, where up to 10 MW plants are utilising geothermal resources at a depth of 3,000m. In Greece, resources are expected though at more shallow depths.

Geothermal is seen as a cost-competitive source of renewable energy in Greece with resources having been located in Sousaki near Corinth, Lichades in Evia, Kamena Vourla and Alexandroupolis.

Already for Milos, Nisyros, Methana and Lesvos , PPC Renewables (PPC) is drawing up capacity utilization plans, as it has the rights. For the project the company partnered with Ellactor for the joint exploitation of the resource.

In some areas the research is quite advanced, with the result that the data in the hands of the interested parties are quite clear. Depth of field, quality, temperature and other details are already known. This fact means that even in 3 or 4 years, the first pilot units for the production of electricity from geothermal energy, with a capacity of 5 to 8 MW, may be ready.

Heat production

The benefits of geothermal energy are not limited to electricity generation. It can also provide heating for cities, through district heating or even in greenhouses without the need to use other fuel to maintain a constant temperature inside the premises.

Currently geothermal energy provides heat to greenhouses in Magana, Xanthi and Chrysoupoli, Kavala . Producers make the best use of geothermal heat.

Finally, basic uses of geothermal energy worldwide relate to the heating of greenhouses and aquaculture, drying of agricultural products, desalination of water to cover water supply, other mild industrial uses but also for district heating of buildings, settlements, villages or villages.


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