06 May 2022

Australia Plans Hybrid Pumped Storage Plus Hydrogen Project

06 May 2022  by   

Image credit: Sunshine Hydro

An integrated project featuring pumped storage and hydrogen generating facilities is planned for central Queensland, Australia, according to Sunshine Hydro.

The company said this Flavian superhybrid project is a “world’s first” and is planned within the Central Queensland Renewable Energy Zone (REZ). Sunshine Hydro said it secured the land and has begun detailed feasibility studies. It said it plans to reach final investment decision in 2025, with commissioning in 2028.

The Flavian superhybrid design will incorporate 600MW of pumped hydro energy storage with 18 hours of operation at full capacity, 300MW of hydrogen generation, 50MW of liquefaction, 50MW hydrogen fuel cell and 1.8GW of new wind generation. The project is expected to abate on average 4 million tonnes of carbon each year.

The project also could enhance water security by increasing the amount of stored water and increasing the capacity of a regional desalination plant.

And it also is intended to support development of 1.8GW of new wind generation across Queensland, Sunshine Hydro said, bringing the estimated capital investment value of the combined development to A$5.5 billion ($3.94 billion).

The Flavian superhybrid will generate 500 full time jobs during construction and when operational will employ 60 full time employees in both the pumped hydro and hydrogen generation facilities.

Sunshine Hydro Chairman Michael Myer said, “the combination of the long duration pumped hydro combined with the fast acting response of PEM electrolysers can provide grid services second to none.”

The project is the first of three similar-sized superhybrid projects that Sunshine Hydro and its partners are developing in the Central Queensland REZ.

Sunshine Hydro has partnered with BMRG and Gidarjil Development Corporation to work on planning, education and training, employment, cultural heritage and conservation outcomes. Sunshine Hydro and its shareholder and strategic partner, Energy Estate, are co-developing the ecosystem comprising the three superhybrids.

Energy Estate develops large scale renewable energy, storage and green hydrogen projects in Australia. Energy Estate focuses on long duration energy storage solutions and is developing the 500MW Dungowan Pumped Hydro Storage Power Plant in the New England REZ in NSW (with Walcha Energy).


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