05 May 2022

KenGen Announces Plans for up to 400 MW Additional Geothermal Capacity

05 May 2022  by   
Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) has announced plans to add 400 MW of geothermal power generation capacity in the next five years, so reported by Standard Media in Kenya. Overall electricity demand is growing, with a peak demand having increased from 1,710 MW in 2017 to 2,036 MW by November 2021, so KenGen.

The company plans to add capacity through the rehabilitation of some of its geothermal power plants, upgrades to others and continued exploration for new development at Olkaria and Eburru. The company is currently in final testing of its 83.3 MW Olkaria I unit 6 plant with expected start of commercial operation in June 2022, as we reported.

By 2025, KenGen plans to add 40 MW through upgrading of turbines and 50 MW from well head leasing in Olkaria.

The rehabilitation of Olkaria I is to add 50.7 MW and additional 140 MW from the Olkaria VI project.

Geothermal power generation capacity has risen from 45 MW in 1985 to 861 MW as of year-end 2021.


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