05 May 2022

EXERGY and STRABAG Collaborate on Geothermal Energy

05 May 2022  by   
EXERGY International Srl and STRABAG Umwelttechnik GmbH with its plant engineering and construction division from Dresden, Germany, agreed upon a far-reaching partnership for the development and realisation of turnkey geothermal power plants with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. From process design, approval management and engineering to construction, manufacture of key equipment, delivery, assembly, and commissioning, to long-term service contracts and the operation of plants – STRABAG and EXERGY pool their competencies and strengths to offer the complete range of services for the turnkey construction of ORC power plants.

The initial aim is the development of joint projects and the significant expansion of market shares in Germany, one of the largest and dynamically growing markets for geothermal power plants in Europe. STRABAG has great expertise in the implementation of environmental technology systems of various types and sizes and has already built a turn-key geothermal power plant with ORC technology in Garching a. d. Alz for SILENOS ENERGY GmbH.

“With the generation of climate-neutral and baseload energy, we can make an extremely important contribution to the energy transition in this country,” said Thomas Büchner, Managing Director of STRABAG Umwelttechnik GmbH. However, an expansion of the partnership to other markets, above all to central and south-eastern Europe, where STRABAG Group is well established, is also being considered in the medium-term.

In the area of advanced binary geothermal power plants, EXERGY is the world's second largest ORC plant provider and can boast a project portfolio with around 450 MW of installed capacity. "We bring our mature technological competence into the co-operation, leveraging on the flexibility and efficiency of the Radial Outflow turbine we have developed and produced ourselves," explained Marco Frassinetti, Sales Director of EXERGY International Srl. “We see valuable opportunity to grow in the German market combining our expertise in binary technology with STRABAG’s engineering, procurement and construction capabilities”.


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