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28 Apr 2022

UK Power Networks Unveils New Flexibility Tender

28 Apr 2022  by   

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UK Power Networks (UKPN) has launched a £13 million flexibility tender.

Candidates can bid for some of the total 292MW of flexible power across 113 sites in London, the East and the South East of England, the firm confirmed.

The tender includes locations with early start dates, up to just four weeks after arrangements are made, offering an immediate revenue opportunity for existing generators.

Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Head of Smart Grid Development at UKPN, said: “We know that flexibility can provide a cost-effective and quick alternative to building new infrastructure to help manage the rise in low carbon technologies like electric vehicles and heat pumps.

“This latest tender underlines our commitment to the market. Establishing an independent DSO is demonstrating to potential providers of flexibility that UKPN, as the market facilitator is credible and evaluates options with impartiality.”

Since 2019, UKPN has awarded flexibility contracts to 29 companies worth more than £44.5 million for almost 500MW of peak power up to 2028.


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