26 Apr 2022

CWP and Bechtel Support Energy Transition in North Africa

26 Apr 2022  by   
CWP Global has selected Bechtel to support development of large scale green hydrogen and ammonia facilities. The agreement creates a platform for the partnership to provide ongoing conceptual and early planning solutions in selecting optimal integrated configurations for the facilities.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Bechtel on conceptual and planning solutions for one of our flagship green hydrogen projects in Africa,” said Alex Hewitt, CWP Global CEO. “Their technological and scientific expertise will allow us to accelerate the next stage of project development, and keep us on the right track to deliver the first million tonnes of green hydrogen and ammonia by 2018, helping CWP Global support the decarbonisation of key global industries on the road to net zero.”

“Bechtel is focused on energy transition projects as part of our commitment to support the world’s path to net zero. We are excited to work with customers like CWP who are committed to decreasing carbon emissions and shaping the future of energy,” said Jamie Cochrane, Manager of Energy Transition at Bechtel. “Large scale, complex green ammonia production projects will decarbonise global energy consumption. We continue to provide both technical solutions and global mega project planning and execution capabilities to help our customers deliver these projects.”

CWP has successfully developed, financed, and built over 1.5 GW of renewable energy projects in Europe and Australia, and is currently developing upwards of 140 GW of renewable energy capacity intended for the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives on three continents.

Bechtel Energy Technologies & Solutions (BETS), a group focused on helping customers accelerate their path to net zero, will support CWP on their next steps towards developing and building complex green hydrogen hubs. CWP benefits from leveraging Bechtel’s track record in engineering large scale projects combined with rich process optimisation and energy integration expertise of BETS. The overall assessment will include recommendations for a techno-economic implementation plan, starting with how electrolyser capacity requirements align with location specific design challenges, cooling water supply, and wastewater disposal for CWP Global’s portfolio of green projects.


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