19 Apr 2022

Smarten Launches 2.4 kW Hybrid PV Power Conditioning Unit for Offgrid Applications

19 Apr 2022  by   
Smarten, a supplier of power backup solutions, has unveiled a new 2.4 kW hybrid solar power conditioning unit (PCU) for offgrid applications.

The Superb 3050 PCU features advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and a 50-ampere charge controller, which helps to avoid issues such as overheating and explosions. The solar PCU is designed for commercial spaces and can run a 1-ton air-conditioner. Its advanced priority feature allows users to choose between solar, batteries, or grid power.

“The [Smarten Superb 3050 solar] PCU provides the best possible performance in terms of efficiency and reliability,” said Rajnish Sharma, the CEO and director of Smarten. “The product offers advanced features such as Smart Solar Optimization usage settings, grid-charging disable option … this solar PCU has been developed keeping in mind the needs of customers who want to use solar energy as an alternate power source.”


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