13 Apr 2022

48MW Hydropower Will Double Installed Power Gen Capacity in Burundi

13 Apr 2022  by   

Image: Nicolas Dupont ©

The Jiji and Lulembwe Hydropower Plants Development Project in Burundi is now 48% complete.

This Hydropower Project is meant to improve Burundi’s electric power generation capacity. With the combined installed capacity of the two plants estimated at 48MW, the national installed power generation capacity (currently sitting at 39 MW) will more than double.

The steering committee of the Jiji Mulembwe CHs Project (PHJIMU) carried out a field visit as part of the monitoring of the works. After the field trip, a meeting with the stakeholders was held.

The project encompasses the development of two hydropower plants and the construction of infrastructure required for electric power transmission and distribution. These two development initiatives are located in the southeast of the country in Bururi Province. The two hydropower plants are about 3.75kms apart and are currently the most promising energy projects in this part of the country.

The project should have a positive impact on the sustainability of the energy sector in particular, and Burundi’s economy in general. It will also enable the supply of electricity to local communities in the project area. As such, it will contribute to reducing the country’s energy shortfall and promoting green and inclusive growth.

The 48MW Burundi hydropower project is structured into three components: component A comprises the hydropower plants and related infrastructure, component B focuses on project technical assistance and component C deals with electricity sector institutional development support.


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