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06 Apr 2022

Vestas Introduces Next-Gen Turbine for Low to Medium Wind Conditions

06 Apr 2022  by   

Image credit: Vestas

Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has expanded the EnVentus platform with the V172-7.2MW offering, which promises enhanced performance in low to medium wind conditions.

According to Vestas, the V172-7.2 MW delivers a 12% increase in annual energy production (AEP) compared to the V162-6.2MW variant in low wind conditions. The new variant delivers flexible power ratings of 7.2MW, 6.8MW and 6.5MW and offers greater site applicability for a wider range of climate conditions.

“The introduction of the V172-7.2MW will pave the way for wind energy to build scale by introducing more ease and efficiency into how we design and produce high-quality sustainable energy solutions. The V172-7.2MW demonstrates how our modular product development can enable customisable solutions, suited to any environment…”, says Anders Nielsen, Vestas Chief Technology Officer.

The V172-7.2MW will be based on Vestas’ new modularised nacelle architecture, where the nacelle structure is divided into compartments that are dimensionally designed to correspond to general industry standards for road, rail and ocean transport.

The EnVentus platform is the next generation of Vestas technology, building on technology from the 2MW, 4MW and 9MW platforms and now includes four different wind turbine variants.


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