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30 Mar 2022

Europe Needs Energy Security, Which Means Faster Expansion of Renewables

30 Mar 2022  by   
ZIV is partnering with utilities to maximise network capacity by connecting more renewable energy and storage technology.

As utilities increase the generating capacity connected to the existing electrical networks with the addition of Wind, Solar, Battery Storage, and other methods of generation, there are certain considerations that need to be taken in to account to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the existing network.

Ideally, they would like to maximise the connection of renewable generation, wherever possible, and therefore a solution is required to address these issues.

To meet the driver to connect more renewable, distributed generation, Active Network Management (ANM) is viewed as a key enabler.

ZIV is a technology leader in this area, thanks to its innovative solution that utilises AI along with other technologies to analyse network constraints in real-time, and support operational decisions.

The outcome of ANM systems is that utilities, generators and customers all benefit from increased network efficiency and improved supply.

Accelerating renewables integration with ANM systems

ZIV has organised a series of three webinars to help understand how ANM systems can accelerate renewables integration.

As Borja Negro, ZIV CEO, remarked: “Renewable energy generation needs to expand even faster. Along with decarbonisation, green energy generation is a key growth vector for ZIV. We continue to focus on innovation to be one of the trusted technological providers of the main EPCs, promoters and utilities that are driving the market evolution.”

He added: “In the coming days, we will participate in the Wind Europe Annual event in Bilbao to present our experience in high, medium, and low voltage integrated systems that enable smart grids deployment and the safe and efficient addition of more renewable resources to the grids.”

About ZIV

ZIV Aplicaciones y Tecnologia is a company based in the North of Spain offering a complete portfolio of digital protection & control, metering, communication, monitoring and automation equipment and systems for generation, transmission and distribution electric utilities, industries and EPC contractors worldwide.  With a commitment to innovation, to an open and flexible approach, and to teamwork, ZIV has grown to become a leader in SMART SOLUTIONS for HV, MV and LV Grids – serving customers in more than 85 countries.


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