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20 Sep 2019

2018 Foreign Investment Cooperation Country (Region) Guide – Nigeria

20 Sep 2019   

2018 Foreign Investment Cooperation Country (Region) Guide – Nigeria

On January 29, 2019, the Ministry of Commerce officially released the 2018 version of the Foreign Investment Cooperation Country (Region) Guide (The following referred to as the "Guide").

The 2018 version of the Guide covers 172 countries and regions, including 27 in Asia, 63 in West Asia and Africa, 12 in Europe and Asia, 36 in Europe, and 34 in Oceania. The new "Guide" has comprehensively updated the original data, information, policies and regulations, closely followed the changes in the domestic and international investment environment, timely updated the laws and regulations related to the host country’s investment, and made tips for risk prevention and control. The “Guide” is an important public service product that the Ministry of Commerce has actively offered to the public as a national foreign investment authority. The Guide provides a comprehensive introduction about the basic situation, economic situation, policies and regulations, investment opportunities and risks of countries (regions) where investment cooperation is conducted, and provides rich information for Chinese enterprises to carry out foreign investment cooperation. In order to effectively prevent external risks, new country (region) volumes will be further added according to the development needs of enterprises going abroad.

The Ministry of Commerce has the copyright of the Guide, and the information provided is for the reader's reference only and is not used as the basis for corporate investment decisions.

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Foreign Investment Cooperation Country (Region) Guide – Nigeria (Chinese Version)


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