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14 Mar 2022

Wuling Mini EV GameBoy Edition Is A Fashion Take On China's Cheapest EV

14 Mar 2022  by   
Have you ever wondered which car is the best-selling electric vehicle in China? No, it’s not a Tesla. According to data from China Passenger Car Association, the Wuling Mini registered 395,451 deliveries last year, nearly tripling its result from 2020. This number made the wallet-friendly model the best-selling EV in the country by far, leaving another locally-made vehicle second (BYD Qin), and the Tesla Model Y third. Now, the Mini is getting a new special edition to celebrate the success and to keep the demand strong during 2022.

The Mini GameBoy Edition comes in four different versions, Hurricane Phantom, Jungle Traveler, Star Rover, and Party Sweetheart. Each one of them features a slightly different exterior finish, a different wheelset, and unique trim. Compared to the regular Mini EV, the special edition models also benefit from new headlights with LED daytime running lights and a modified front fascia with an additional LED strip connecting the two light clusters.

Interestingly, the dimensions of the Mini EV GameBoy edition have changed slightly compared to the standard model. The length has been increased by 80 mm up to 2,997 mm, while the height, on the contrary, decreased by 17 mm to 1,604 mm. Probably the most important upgrade, however, is the new and more powerful electric motor with 41 horsepower (30 kilowatts) instead of the base 27-hp (20-kW) electric motor.

Chinese media reports the car will receive a battery with a capacity of 26.5 kWh, which will provide a range of up to 174 miles (280 kilometers) according to the CLTC standard. This is more than a significant increase as the electric car is currently available with four battery options that allow an EV range of between 75 to 105 miles (120 to 170 km) without recharging. However, there’s no official word from the manufacturer yet confirming the larger battery pack.


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