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11 Mar 2022

Tesla Reportedly Sees 100% Increase In Orders In Some Areas Of US

11 Mar 2022  by   
Gas prices are spiking faster and higher than ever before, so it comes as no surprise people are quickly looking to buy a more fuel-efficient car. If history repeats itself, hybrid and electric car sales will almost certainly see an increase in adoption in the coming months.


That said, it appears to already be happening. According to sources at Electrek, the US electric automaker is already experiencing a massive sales surge, which goes well beyond its already ridiculous growth.

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and ahead of the most recent reports of a Tesla sales boom, the automaker topped all other luxury brands in US registrations for the month of January 2022. In fact, the brand showed a whopping 49 percent year-over-year sales growth in the US for the month.

Three Tesla models topped the list of BEV sales in the US in January, with Model Y registrations at 18,549 (36.8% of all BEVs) and Model 3 at 13,604 (27% of all BEVs). For comparison, Ford Mustang Mach-E sales fit into the 4th slot with 2,781 registrations, behind the Tesla Model S' 3,903.

Tesla already couldn't possibly keep up with the demand for its vehicles, and it has been raising prices and pushing back estimated delivery times on a regular basis over the last year or more. Just this week, the automaker raised prices and pushed back wait times yet again.

It's important to note that Tesla is still operating out of the same two factories it has been relying on for years. Somehow, while only producing cars in California and Shanghai – amid a global pandemic, a chip shortage, and other related supply chain issues – Tesla was able to achieve the 49 percent year-over-year sales growth.

Once Tesla's factories in Texas and Germany are officially online, it should help with the demand issues. This is to say, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is still very long. It will likely take Tesla many months to ramp up production, and the supply chain issues aren't expected to go away any time soon.

At any rate, according to Electrek, the quick and mounting spike in gas prices has already resulted in notable surges in Tesla orders in multiple areas across the country. The sources who spoke with Electrek claim that the automaker is seeing a 100 percent increase in new orders in areas of the US most impacted by the rising gas prices.


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