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10 Mar 2022

RWE and National Grid Consolidate Partnership, Announce Community Offshore Wind as Name of Joint Venture

10 Mar 2022  by   
Following the success of their joint bid in the New York Bight offshore lease auction last month, RWE Renewables and National Grid have announced the name of their joint venture, Community Offshore Wind. Their tagline is, “Local clean energy for all.”

According to the JV’s new website, RWE and National Grid “have partnered to jointly develop offshore wind projects in the Northeast US,” indicating their intention to continue “developing, constructing and operating US offshore wind projects.”

The partnership, notes the site, supports both companies’ efforts to advance a clean energy future and achieve net zero in the coming decades.

“Our success with National Grid in the recent auction signals the start of our commitment to building a network of trust in the local communities,” said Sam Eaton, RWE Executive VP, Offshore Development Americas.

In the NY Bight auction, the JV secured area OCS-A 0539 with a bid of $1.1bn. This area has the potential to host 3 GW of capacity. The project is expected to be in operation toward the end of the decade.


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