23 Feb 2022

Digitally Enabled Solution Set to Optimise Hydrogen Facility Developments

23 Feb 2022  by   
Hydrogen facility owners will soon be able to build green hydrogen assets more quickly, cheaply and safely, and operate them more efficiently, with a new digitally enable solution currently under development.

ABB, IBM and Worley today (Feb 22) unveiled a partnership for the development of the technology that will help energy companies both build and operate their green hydrogen facilities as they look to pursue a decarbonised future.
Each party will have a key role to play in the development process, with Worley providing engineering, procurement and construction expertise, ABB providing offerings for electrical infrastructure, automation, operations digitalisation and optimisation along with energy management and IBM providing systems integration services and management solutions.
Together, it is though the trio will address many of today’s scale-up challenges and better support those looking to take off in the hydrogen space.
On the effort, Bruno Roche, Vice-President of Energy Transition at ABB Energy Industries, said, “Hydrogen is at the heart of the energy transition and is essential to decarbonising a wide range of hard-to-abate industries.
“Together with Worley and IBM, we’re dedicated to enable a new concept to accelerate the adoption of low carbon hydrogen and efficiently meet the growing demand. Complementing our partners expertise with our electrification, automation and digital solutions, we will aim to enable lower production costs through smart, safe and sustainable operations.”
Zahid Habib, Vice-President of Global Energy and Resources Industry Leader at IBM Consulting, added, “While many industries have been able to adopt wind and solar to help decarbonise operations, energy-intensive industries, such as petrochemical, cement and steel, require heat temperatures and combustion that cannot be achieved with these renewables.
“Green hydrogen can help address these distinct needs in a more scalable sustainable way. IBM’s collaboration with Worley and ABB aims to address those challenges by combining expertise and solutions from all three companies into a distinct ecosystem of industry leaders to help form a repeatable process to build, operate and manage green hydrogen facilities. We believe this kind of collaboration is critical to achieving decarbonisation goals.”
Already, each of the parties have a great portfolio in the hydrogen space, each being involved in multiple hydrogen projects. If proved a success, however, the new digitally enabled solution to be developed under this effort can help the global hydrogen market.
Chris Gill, Senior Vice-President of Low-Carbon Hydrogen at Worley, concluded, “This collaboration aims to help turn net-zero solutions into reality. It will build on the key learnings of our ground-breaking Ambition to Reality paper, written in collaboration with Princeton University, US.
“By fast-tracking and standardising how we engineer-design-operate, this collaboration is expected to reduce the levelised cost of green hydrogen and help our customers to decarbonise their operations further.”


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